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New Year, New Trends: 5 Marketing Trends on the Rise for 2017

The ball has dropped, the champagne has popped, and we’ve rung in 2017 with open arms. In addition to the upcoming solar eclipse, live action Beauty and the Beast, and food-delivering drones, we have a lot to look forward to. Let’s check out what marketing trends are in store in the new year.

1. Cross-Device 1:1 Personalization

Taking personalization a step further, 2017 will bring personalization across devices on a 1:1 basis. This means that keeping personalized marketing consistent across devices will be very important, especially as marketing becomes increasingly tailored to each consumer. This makes the consumer feel like wherever they are, their needs, preferences, and habits are being considered.

2. Facebook Advertising, Revamped

Through custom and lookalike audiences, Facebook advertising will reemerge as a useful tool for marketers. Both of these tools will allow marketers to pinpoint their target audiences and similar groups of people, so their efforts are not falling on deaf ears. For instance, Boden used a Facebook custom audience of current customers as well as a lookalike audience of non-Boden shoppers to promote a lookbook featuring items from their Mini Space line, a selection of outer-space-themed children’s clothing. They saw 10x return on ad spend and a 33% increase in cart size online!

3. Built-for-Mobile Marketing

“Mobile-first” was a phrase thrown around a lot in 2016, referring to the adaptation of websites for mobile devices. If 2016 was the year of “mobile-first,” 2017 is the year of “built-for-mobile.” This trend will yield marketing that not only conforms to a mobile platform, but uses the mobile platform to its advantage- it matches up with how customers actively use their devices, harnessing the power of the shift to mobile.

4. Interactive Content and Video

Interactive content has been on the rise, but 2017 will be its year. By engaging consumers in a conversation with the brand, the brand is receiving valuable information that will, in turn, improve the customer experience. For a success story, check out the interactive quiz that the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism used to gain insight about which parts of Massachusetts people like to travel to. They offered a chance to win a getaway package to anyone who completed the quiz, and learned more about their consumers in the

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been lurking in the shadows for quite some time now, and 2017 is the year it will be brought to light. We’re not talking robot-takeover quite yet, but rather highly targeted and specific uses for artificial intelligence. Some of these that have emerged are the automatic parsing of information, which makes it easier for consumers to digest large amounts of information, the predicting of foreseeable issues before they arise, automatic storytelling from a selection of data, as well as real-time personalization of a customer’s experience.

It looks like big things are on the marketing horizon. Keep an eye out for these five trends in the coming year!

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