Shoot and Score: Interactive Content in the Sports Industry

With the exciting results of the Big Game still fresh, we’ve got sports on the brain. Interactive content, such as trivia, personality quizzes, and contests opens new doors for fan engagement, mobile lead capture, and unique sponsorship opportunities. Let’s take a look at how leveraging the power of interactive content fuels touchdown-worthy sports marketing so your team can take home the title!

Fan engagement

A team is nothing without its fans, and harnessing their roaring-crowd energy through interactive content is a fantastic way to boost engagement. Professional soccer team AS Roma ran an interactive trivia quiz using Instagram Stories to amp up fan engagement. Eighty percent of fans who started the quiz finished it – because who doesn’t want to test their team knowledge? In addition to trivia quizzes, interactive content can be used to boost fan engagement in the form of personality quizzes, contests, game-day giveaways, live voting, and more.


Mobile lead capture

Not only is interactive content great for boosting fan engagement, it’s also golden for increasing mobile lead capture. An NBA team offered a chance to win two tickets to an upcoming game at the end of a personality quiz. All fans needed to do was finish the quiz and enter their email address for a chance to snag the tickets. They saw astounding results – the team engaged 3x their stadium capacity, and 98% of those fans who started the quiz finished it. They captured tens of thousands of email addresses, using both Instagram Stories and Snapchat as their primary platforms.


Unique sponsorship opportunities

Interactive content presents the chance to deliver better leads, data, and insights to your sponsors. With the ability to gather attitudinal data about fans and capture emails, interactive content presents a unique solution for your sponsors. This digital differentiator gives teams a reusable asset proven to engage fans and capture leads in a built-for-mobile way.


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