Gold Medal Marketing

Gold-Medal Marketing

Our weekly Best and Worst Marketing series comes to a close just in time to feature the marketing that embodies the spirit of sport for a global audience. These brands are gold-medalists in the Jebb-lympic Games for their marketing wins.


Nike’s Unlimited

Nike launched three new installations in its Unlimited campaign that each have shocking power.

Unlimited Courage follows Chris Mosier, the first transgender Olympic athlete, as he trains. Throughout the video, Chris is asked about the challenges along the way that could lead to him giving up. Each time, he responds, “but I didn’t.” Simple and powerful, this is on-brand with Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan and is a welcome stance behind the transgender community and the USA.

Unlimited You pushes the boundaries of traditional video ads, an intriguingly self-aware spot by Nike. The first fifteen seconds appear to be a traditional, inspirational ad that we would expect from Nike – then the real fun begins when the gymnast tells the narrator that the ad can’t be over yet and shatters the “Just Do It” slogan that has come across the screen. As the narrator protests, the athletes push their limits past the confines of the ad they’re in. Very meta, Nike.

Unlimited Together is a moving celebration of the power of unity, as well as a show of non-traditional patriotism. Brought to life by the original lyrics and singing of Chance the Rapper, this spot is sure to leave you with chills and a sense of pride for our team.


Amazon: Contextual Marketing Done Right

On August 7th, USA’s Katie Ledecky set the world record and won the gold medal in the 400-meter freestyle event.

On August 8th, Amazon had a flash sale on children’s swim goggles.

Contextual marketing done right, Amazon.


Tide’s #SmallButPowerful Partnership

In a clever embodiment of their small detergent pods, Tide partnered with USA gymnast Simone Biles. Biles is 4’8” tall, but is the greatest gymnast of all time. They released a series of short videos that show Biles’ strength, list her height, and essentially say, “we’re just like her: small but powerful.” Great use of a partnership to personify a product and spotlight one of USA’s athletes.


Under Armour: Rule Yourself

In their latest video, Rule Yourself, Under Armour shines a spotlight on the rough road to victory. We are brought through the training process of Michael Phelps, and are shown the unglamorous side of being a world-class athlete. Phelps’ work ethic and determination is inspiring. So inspiring, in fact, that this ad is the fifth-most shared Olympic spot of all time, and the second-most shared in 2016. “If we look at different demographics and the emotions that are most resonant to them, for millennials—especially male millennials—inspiration is one of the top emotions,” said Devra Prywes, VP of marketing and insight at Unruly. “If that is present at all in an ad, they tend to experience it.”


There you have it – our gold-medal marketing for the week. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the highs, lows, and comebacks in the marketing world as much as we’ve enjoyed writing about them!


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