Breaking News: Innovation in the Broadcast Industry

From crowding around the radio, to enjoying color TV, to rolling down the windows and blasting the your favorite station, to apps, the broadcast industry has come a long way. The leading players in innovation are now re-defining themselves as two things: personalized and portable. Let’s take a look at these leaders in broadcast innovation.


Sinclair Broadcast Group

Sinclair Broadcast Group believes that “great media experiences are about more than just presentation. They have to bring stories that matter to people who care and keep users engaged as they move through their day. They have to provide a fluid experience that moves across screens and adapts to wants, needs, communities and lifestyles.” With their range of apps for their various stations, Sinclair hits the nail on the head. They have optimized themselves for a wide variety of screens, and have adapted to the on-the-move consumer who doesn’t have time to sit and watch the news on TV.

ABCNewsApp CBSRadioApp

Sinclair also owns Circa, a news source that is an innovation in itself. Rather than summarizing news events the way most news sources do, Circa is an “atomized” news source that breaks down incoming current events into just the facts, making news fun and easy to digest. It is entirely mobile-first, providing optimized experiences on smartphones, and we’re looking forward to the app that will be released this summer. They are exemplary in making use of interactive content. Ever wonder which celebrity child is your spirit baby? Circa’s got you covered with this interactive quiz, among others.  You can even experience certain news stories as though you were there with Circa’s 360 Virtual Reality stories. Circa targets a Millennial audience that looks for accessibility, quirkiness, and interactivity.


Beasley Broadcasting Group

Beasley Broadcasting Group responds to the fast-paced lifestyle of their consumers by providing a free mobile app called iRadioNOW. This app is the mobile hub for all Beasley stations, and is easy to pick and choose genres of music to make the app your own.


NextRadio is an app that turns any mobile device into a portable radio. By connecting to the FM chip in smartphones, NextRadio allows listeners to have all of their favorite stations at their fingertips: personalized and portable.

Cumulus and Westwood One are one of NextRadio’s ambassadors. Seeing as Cumulus and Westwood One’s website proudly proclaims that they “connect people to their passions in life,” it’s a natural fit for them to support an app that allows users to personalize their radio experience.

The NextRadio app also offers opportunities to turn listening to the radio into an interactive experience. While listening to their favorite stations, users can like and dislike songs, buy the song, buy concert tickets, and tweet real-time. The app also presents opportunities for interactive advertising. “Consumers can interact with radio advertising like never before. For example, when you’re listening to a store’s audio ad, you can also receive a companion visual ad with all of the store’s location,” Cumulus and Westwood One’s Chief Insights Officer, Pierre Bouvard said. “Advertisers including Home Depot, Allstate, and Starwood Hotels & Resorts are already using this mobile platform with spectacular interaction rates. This is an amazing innovation for the broadcast radio industry, advertisers, and consumers who want access to radio stations.”


Tribune Media Co.

Tribune Media Co. sets itself apart from the rest by utilizing interactive content. This fun, easy way to learn about consumers allows Tribune to make content personalized. Personalization of content creates a sense of exclusivity and care.

One affiliate station, Cleveland’s Fox8 uses Tribune’s interactive content to give viewers personalized experiences and help their advertisers better connect to consumers.

Now more than ever, the broadcast industry needs to position themselves as both personalized and portable, and these leaders in the field can point the way.


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